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Weekend to-do

Posted on April 11th, 2009 by annakjarzab

Get super to fix faulty toilet in apartment (I’m starting to think this will never happen)
Go to gym
“Help” Cambria and Nikki move
Buy wrapping paper and card for Cambria’s birthday
Make reservations at Josie’s NYC for Cambria’s birthday dinner
Get ready for birthday dinner
Wrap gift
Finish Nikki’s Easter basket
Pack bag for the Casa de CP (this is what I’ve decided to call Nikki and Cambria’s new place) just in case I’m too tired to go home after birthday shenanigans; include Chi, camera, and a pack of playing cards
Pick up cupcakes at Crumbs (there’s one down the street from their house! Those ladies have all the luck)
Wrap Cambria’s birthday gift

    Wow, I felt really productive until I made this list. Thanks to the wonders of melatonin, I woke up fully rested at 8:15 AM. There was actually a moment during the two hours I spent guarding the moving truck outside Nikki and Cambria’s new apartment (in the freezing rain–don’t try this at home, kids!) when I thought, “I can’t believe it’s only 3:30. I feel like I’ve done so much today!” Duh. Because you didn’t wake up at noon.

    *The movers had parked it in a No Standing Anytime zone, but a squad car drove by at least twice and didn’t say anything. Cambria was like, “That’s what I like: lenient law enforcement.” And I said, “Not lenient–apathetic.” That’s less good.

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