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Lamest sports injury ever

Posted on May 24th, 2009 by annakjarzab

On Friday night, Bri and I went over to Jenny and Eric’s for dinner (chicken pesto, delish) and ended up playing a great deal of Wii. I’d never played Wii before, and it was tons of fun–I was pretty good at the tennis, for someone who’d never played, and Bri was like Rain Man with the boxing–she kicked everyone’s ass! Amazingly, I was worse at Wii bowling than I am at regular bowling, which is sort of depressing if you consider how easy Wii bowling is, but whatever–can’t be great at everything.

Jenny warned us that we’d be a little sore afterwards, and we were, but it became clear yesterday that “sore” wasn’t exactly the right way to describe how my right shoulder was feeling. I’m in so much pain, y’all, and it seems to be getting worse.

This isn’t that surprising, actually. I’ve been having problems with this shoulder for years. I swam and played water polo competitively in high school, and strained my rotator cuff probably three or four times. After I stopped doing those things, it got better, but pretty often my shoulder will click when I move it.

The worst flare-up I ever had was during my senior year in college. I lived in my sorority house with nine other people, and we had a lot of meetings and events there, so we tended to generate a lot of garbage. For that reason, we had an actual dumpster behind the house, and to have our garbage collected we had to move it out to the front the night before it was supposed to be collected. Usually we needed four people to move it, but one night there weren’t a lot of us home and the dumpster had to be put out, so my roommate Charissa and I had to do it ourselves.

That was NOT a good idea, as I soon found out. The dumpster normally sat on the grass that bordered our driveway, and we had to get it out of the grass and onto the concrete to roll it out to the curb. Charissa pushed and I pulled, wrenching my arm unnaturally and causing some pretty serious damage to my already weak rotator cuff. I didn’t tear it (thank God, because my roommate Brianna tore her rotator cuff and had to have surgery on her shoulder, which put her out of commission for an entire quarter), as the doctor at the health center confirmed later, but it was the worst it’d ever been. My mobility was minimal, and the pain would wake me up at night. It took about two months to heal.

It’s not that bad this time. I can lift my arm; it hurts and is really uncomfortable, but at least I can do it, and the pain doesn’t wake me up when I’m sleeping. I’m self-medicating with ibuprofen and Icy/Hot pads, so I hope it gets better quickly.

But, seriously? Wii?

5 Responses to “Lamest sports injury ever”

BERK on May 24th, 2009 at 4:25 pm Said:

not to diminish your injury, jarzab, but you got off easy. see:

Kim on May 24th, 2009 at 10:35 pm Said:

Aw. Sorry to hear you hurt yourself. Yesterday I fell cleaning my bathroom floor, brusing my leg, my elbow, and smacking my head pretty hardcore into the wall. It still hurts a lot. So…I feel ya.

annakjarzab on May 26th, 2009 at 6:48 am Said:

Berk: DAMN IT! I’ve been eclipsed. Boooo 🙁

Kim: Awww, just another day at Kipston HQ. 🙁 Feel better darlin’.

courtney on May 26th, 2009 at 11:18 pm Said:

Ouch! I have heard similar stories about the Wii*. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

* I still want one, dammit!!

annakjarzab on May 27th, 2009 at 6:54 am Said:

I want one, too! Just no more boxing…:)

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