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Posted on May 29th, 2009 by annakjarzab

This week sorta flew by, didn’t it? I guess having Monday off helped. I did some pretty intense nesting on Wednesday. I bought a new fabric shower curtain and liner to replace the black and white plastic shower curtain we’ve had for MONTHS, and I swear to God it’s like a whole new bathroom. I can’t abide not having color, so this curtain makes me so much happier. Plus, with the two curtains instead of just one, it keeps the water from getting all over the floor way better than the old one.


I also cleaned the entire bathroom from top to bottom. Lots of cleaner and disinfectant was used, and I aggravated the crap out of my Wii injury by attacking the ancient hexagonal tile floor with my scrub brush (sadly, I didn’t get it much cleaner; turns out, getting 100 years of dirt out of grout is harder than it looks). I also did eight–EIGHT!!–loads of laundry, so now the bathroom is spic-and-span, and all my clothes/towels/sheets are clean. There’s still a lot of work to do on the apartment, but at least I got everything I wanted done before this weekend…

Because I’m going to BEA*! Not as a writer, though, but for my day job. If you see me on the floor (I’ll be the tall girl with the flat hair in the black pants and dark blue long-sleeve top in all the teen/blogging-related panels and hanging around the bloggers at the Autographing Area), say hi and ask me for one of these:


My awesome designer/friend/brother from another mother, Eric, designed these beautiful bookmarks for me and I had a batch of 100 printed up at Kinko’s. The quality isn’t fantastic, because it was an experiment and it was Kinko’s, so when I have more done I’ll go to a better printer and get them printed glossy on a thicker stock, but they’ll do for now. They’ve got all the pertinent information on them, so they’re useful in many ways.

I have a busy Sunday planned (I’d like to drop by the Autographing Area again to see some of the bloggers in the morning, and then I’m heading out for lunch and MoMA with my roommate–thanks for the tickets, Natalie!), but I’ll try to take pictures at BEA and blog about it later that night.

*I was very excited for this four day week…until I realized that, because I’m working on Saturday and part of Sunday at BEA, it’s actually a longer week than normal. Le sigh.

3 Responses to “BEAtc.”

Alexa on May 30th, 2009 at 12:26 pm Said:

Catching Fire and now BEA – You’re posts are just making me jealous this week!

Nice bookmark

annakjarzab on May 30th, 2009 at 7:38 pm Said:

Thanks! Sorry to be making you jealous, though. I promise, I’ll do some really boring, obnoxious stuff soon to restore the balance. 🙂

Anon on May 31st, 2009 at 7:20 pm Said:

Will be waiting patiently for the release of your book. Looks so cute. I wish I was at BEA!

oh and I wanted to post this at Trish Doller’s post titled “Top Ten Things I learned from hanging out with teen bloggers last night” but I my stupid LJ account no allow me to sign in. wth?

anyway on to the comment I wanted to post:

i LOVE loner MCs to be honest! I actually HATE MCs with gazillions of friend because it gets way too confusing and harder to remember names it plane old sucks. MC with one friend = GREAT. Like Rory and Lane duo (GG) and others at the moment I can’t think of. having one or two friend is more realistic. so i’m looking forward especially to your book.

Write a book you would want to read not what others want you to write. Which you guys already do so that is awesome and why I’m looking forward to reading all Tenners book.

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