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I can’t stop this Glee-ling any longer

Posted on April 14th, 2010 by annakjarzab

Whoa! What a terrible pun you guys! I’m losing my touch (I never had a touch, who am I kidding). But you get where I’m going with this–Glee came back last night. And lo, it was good. This blog post will contain spoilers, so if you can’t take the heat, get out of my kitchen (for now! But you can totally come back soon! I love you!).

First, I’m going to start with the things I would do if I was in charge of Glee:

1.) Make the show more like a musical, less like a show about a glee club. Because let’s face it, the ridiculous maneuvering they use each week to force upon us a certain theme (this episode’s theme, “Hello”, was particularly nonsensical–but fun!) or integrate music into the plot is silly and unnecessary. I’d rather most of the songs in the show play like Diana Agron’s “You Keep Me Hangin’ On”, where it’s the character singing their feelings and internal monologue, instead of presenting us with five new set songs each week–like they’re really going to perform all of that stuff at regionals.

2.) Draw out story lines longer. Like the Rachel/Puck hookup from last season. It was hilarious, and it happen for five seconds. This is something Gossip Girl does ALL THE TIME, and now it’s the third season and the show is patently stupid 95% of the time. Don’t waste what you have, show! Rachel and Puck are going to start dating? Great! Give us three episodes of that. The quicker things change, the faster you run out of options.

3.) Can we make Mr. Schuester less of a creeper? I don’t think it’s intentional, which is the most discomforting part. I think the show thinks he’s charming, but actually he’s sort of smug and…predatory? It might just be a Matthew Morrison problem (I mean, what can you do with a guy who humbly refers to his upcoming solo album as “a cross between Justin Timberlake and Michael Buble”?), but can we try to fix it somehow?

4.) More Puck! He had exactly one line in this episode. What’s up with that? There might be better singers on the show (and, okay, I don’t watch for the story, mostly just the music), but he’s easily the funniest actor. He needs more time on screen! And, hi, we all swooned for his “Sweet Caroline,” so it’s not like the boy can’t perform.

lea-michele-jonathan-groffAll of my problems with this week’s episode come from those suggestions above. No Puck (no Quinn for that matter, or Artie or Tina), creepy Mr. Schu, ridiculous finagling of songs into glee club situations instead of just singing them because they express how the characters feel (explain to me how it’s possible that the glee club is always on the edge of disbanding due to funding/space allocation, but they always have a full band/orchestra around to provide backup for everyday rehearsal–would TOTALLY BE BELIEVABLE if the singing was entirely in the character’s head), and my sneaking suspicion that we’ll be seeing the back of Jesse St. James just as we grow to adore him. Of course, I already adore him, because I’m pretty sure he’s going to try to screw with New Directions by screwing with Rachel’s head, only to really fall for her and have a CRISIS OF CONSCIENCE! at which time we’ll be really rooting for them to work it out. Plus, I think Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele still have that Spring Awakening chemistry, and I’m looking forward to their romantic scenes.

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