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So Say We All

Posted on June 2nd, 2010 by annakjarzab

So recently I started watching, on several people’s recommendations, Battlestar Galactica (the reboot, obvi) and I FREAKIN’ LOVE IT. I’ve been known to get obsessed with TV shows, but that hasn’t really happened recently. I like a lot of TV shows, but I’m not super into them the way I was super into The X-Files back in college, or Joan of Arcadia back in 2007 (I know if you do the math, that wasn’t while either of the shows actually aired, so this late BSG obsession shouldn’t surprise anyone–I’m not great with the waiting week to week). I actually left work on time yesterday so I could get home to my newly arrived BSG season 3 DVDs from Netflix, because I knew there were going to be some great Sharon/Helo episodes and I had to WATCH THEM RIGHT NOW. Seriously, look how hot they are.


Sharon and Helo are by far my favorite characters on the show. People keep telling me how great Roslin and Adama are, and yes I have great fondness for Adama, but Roslin lost me when she stole Hera away from Sharon. I’m pretty attached to all Number Eight Cylons, partly because I think Grace Park is such a great actress and brings so many subtle differentiations to the different versions of her Cylon model (you can tell most of the time whether a Number Eight is Boomer or a random Eight just by the way she walks, and Athena and Boomer couldn’t be more different, even though they have the same face–now that’s acting!), but also because I feel so horribly sorry for them. First, Boomer is a sleeper Cylon on Galactica (oh, this post is going to be full of BSG spoilers, so…go away if you don’t want to hear them), but she thinks she’s human and it’s the only thing she’s ever known. Then she shoots Adama because her secret Cylon programming kicks in–not her fault! And then Cally shoots and kills her! Stupid Cally. I thought I was going to be all over the Cally/Chief ‘ship, but I’m not. I’d rather Boomer get less crazy so that she and Chief can be together again, but that doesn’t look like it’s happening anytime soon.

And of course she’s crazy! After Cally shoots her, she has nowhere to go except to the Cylons, who she doesn’t fit in with because she lived as a human for her entire life (and honestly, I sympathize with them in a general way, but I think living as a Cylon, or with them, would be less scary than just plain boring–they’re so dull when they’re by themselves), who try to knock her personality out of her. Then she and Caprica Six totally FAIL SAUCE their attempted occupation of New Caprica by letting Cavil and Doral and D’Anna even get involved, and Cally kills her again (figuratively) by refusing to accept her attempt to forgive her and help her, so now she’s totes bonkers because what does she have left? She’s not a human, she’s not a Cylon, the humans refuse to forgive her, the Cylons refuse to accept her as she is so she’s constantly toeing a fine line with being boxed…Jacob from TWoP (I’ve been reading the recaps to fill in the gaps between my DVDs arriving, which I get is nuts) says it so right when he describes what Boomer must be feeling whenever she’s forced to confront the existence of Athena–that Athena has everything Boomer ever wanted: the love of a good (human) man, the respect of her military peers and Adama, a child (even though it’s being stolen away from her every five seconds by people she trusts). And if I were Boomer, I’d think I deserved it more than Athena–Athena, in a lot of ways, just stepped into Boomer’s shoes using her memories and skills that Boomer learned, picked up the threads of relationships that BOOMER formed with the folks on Galactica. Of course Boomer is losing her fraking mind! It’s so monumentally unfair, what she’s going through.

But then Athena, man. What she must’ve been going through on Caprica, once she realized that she was A.) in love with Helo, and B.) carrying his hybrid alien baby. Can you imagine having to betray your race to follow your heart, even though you know it’s basically leading you into the lion’s den? Even Helo, who loved her, shot her when he found out what she was, and then Starbuck tried to kill her. And the way she was treated when she first boarded Galactica–Roslin tried to shove her out an airlock, then she was shackled in a cell and verbally abused by everybody except Helo and I guess Starbuck. Ugh, that episode where they use her to get rid of the Cylon computer virus from the Galactica‘s computers, and they lead her into the CIC with her hands bound and that collar around her neck? I almost cried, you guys. Then they tried to abort her baby, THEN they stole it and told her it was dead, and even though she eventually became a commissioned officer in the COLONIAL FLEET, they STILL kept her baby a secret and let it get captured by the Cylons! AND SHE STILL HELPED THEM. She only sort of betrayed them that one time, and only because she knew that Cavil wasn’t going to get farther than the hangar deck before someone realized he was a Cylon (thanks Chief!). And then Helo had to SHOOT HER so she could get her baby back? I mean, come on. How much can one person be forced to put up with?


But the saddest thing is, even with all that Athena went through just because she loves Helo and her child and chose the humans over the Cylons because of that love, Boomer would still rather have Athena’s life than her own. That’s how bad Boomer’s situation is.

Anyway! Everybody I know who’s into BSG loves Starbuck, or Adama (either one), or Roslin, but ugh, those people. Honestly? They’re constantly causing their own problems and then whining about them. Okay, maybe not Admiral Adama, but everyone else…Starbuck especially. She annoys me. I get that she’s “complicated” or whatever, but I can’t get there with her sometimes. And it wasn’t until she had that Scully-ripoff storyline with that baby and being kidnapped and held prisoner by crazy Leoben that I started to feel sorry for her, but then she frakked that up by being so mean to Anders after. I’d rather watch Sharon and Helo 100% of the time than anyone else. I also liked Billy, but then Dee dumped him for Lee (?) and he died. Boo 🙁

This is just one big BSG ramble, I know, but I just wanted an excuse to put up some Sharon/Helo pictures and gush about how much I love Athena/Boomer/Number Eight and Helo. It’s my blog, I do what I want. 🙂 I’ve been ambushing my friends with a flood of thoughts and stories about this show, and they’re all like, “SHUT UP WE DO NOT CARE!” Thanks for listening to me, Internet.


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