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Archive for October, 2010

Done…for now

Posted on October 11th, 2010 by annakjarzab

Last night (October 9), sometime around midnight, I wrote this on Twitter:


That link led to this picture:


That is my revised novel, The Opposite of Hallelujah (I was considering the title Impossible Objects, but ultimately rejected it, as people almost unanimously preferred the first title, which was also the “original” title, although the actual original title for this book, back when I conceived of it sometime during my senior year of college, was Do Geese See God?, a title I still like but can you imagine trying to sneak that past agents, editors, and sensible people the world over?). On Tuesday, I will be emailing it to my agent. It is, at final count, (I was wrong about this on Twitter, forgive me) 380 pages and 99,958 words long.

Hallelujah was pretty painless to write and revise, as these things go, which is why I am, of course, nervous now. Shouldn’t this be harder? It certainly has been for me in the past. What if there’s some huge problem with the novel that I’m just not seeing? And all kinds of angsty stuff like that. But for the most part, I’m saying, “It’s good, it’s clean, it’s ready to send into the world insofar as ‘the world’ means my agents,” and that’s that. Now I’m going to take a nap.

Unfinished business

Posted on October 7th, 2010 by annakjarzab

So there’s this thing that keeps happening. About twice a week, I’ll open up a new blog entry and start writing it, get almost to the end and, because I’m tired of talking by then, have no idea how to wrap it up, so I’ll save it for later and then it never gets posted. I just want to let you know, I intend to blog about two to three times more than I actually do blog, and there’s a whole graveyard full of abandoned blog posts just sitting in my drafts queue to prove it. Whoops!

I thought I’d use this post to wrap up some loose ends from my various recently deceased but (I’m sure) incredibly interesting blog posts. Let’s get started:

  • I saw The Social Network with my roommate last weekend. It was really good, especially the writing, which I guess is expected due to the Aaron Sorkin factor. I recommend that people see it, but I will say that I don’t think that these people are necessarily wrong when they say that the movie is A.) not an accurate representation of Mark Zuckerberg as a person, and B.) not a movie that’s overly concerned with exploring the import and impact of Facebook. They call Facebook a MacGuffin, and they’re right; the characters of Mark and Eduardo in The Social Network could really have created anything and the dramatic tensions and character arcs in The Social Network would have been the same. So if you’re looking to see a movie about Facebook, The Social Network is not it; if you’re looking to watch a well-written, well-acted movie about flawed characters betraying and retaliating against each other, by all means go see this one.
    • Eesha went in to the theater to grab us seats while I got popcorn and soda. I ordered two Diet Cokes, but after we’d been sitting down a while, we started to suspect that they were actually real Cokes. Eesha was like, “Well, we’re already drinking them…” and I said, “I just like to think of this sort of thing as God’s little hello.”
  • I also cooked a really great chili last weekend. My mom bought me a slow cooker for Christmas last year, and so far all I’ve made in it are batches of chili, mostly turkey chili, in varying degrees of delicious. But this batch of turkey chili was especially delicious–probably the best I’ve made so far–and it fed me for four days, lunch and dinner! I’m the sort of person who can eat the same thing over and over again and not get sick of it, so the slow cooker is the single most wonderful gift I’ve gotten in my adult life.
  • I’m sick now. My dad and sister were sick at the wedding last week and warned me, to which I said, “Oh, I never get sick.” And of course my immune system was like, O RLY? And now I’ve got a cold, too. The universe is a cruel, cruel prankster sometimes.
  • Last Thursday, I left my duck umbrella at my friends’ house. I woke up on Friday and couldn’t find it anywhere, so I assumed I’d left it in the cab, but then I got this text on Sunday: Somebody misses you. It had this picture attached to it:


That would be my duck umbrella (her name is Quackityite–because she’s white) hanging out with Cambria’s creepy 3D kittens. You can’t tell that they’re 3D from the picture, but if you saw them in person you would realize that their heads are actually sticking out from the background. I actually bought them for Cambria, so I guess I’m just getting what I deserve here.

  • I’m in the thick of revising my manuscript. Hopefully, this book will be my second book in my deal with Random House. I’m doing this new thing where I separated all the chapters out and stacked them, and am going through them one at a time, marking them up with red pen, then inputting the changes before moving on to the next chapter. It’s working out quite nicely so far; I’ve got 21 chapters completely finished, and I’ve marked up chapter 22 but haven’t inputted the changes yet, and I have eight chapters to go (if you’re a math whiz like me, you know that the book has 30 chapters). Right now, the book is at 375 pages and around 97,000 words, which surprises me every time I see those numbers. To me, it just doesn’t seem that long. That’s longer than AUT by a lot, and yet, it just seems to read very fast. I think that’s because so much of it is dialogue. Which I fear will be a problem for people, but I like it that way.


  • Oh, and just a fun story for my boring life: on Tuesday, I went home sick from work around 1:30, and guess what I came home to? This:


That’s right! When I got home, we had no water. According to my roommate, we’d had no water since 10:00 AM, so what this “1:30-??” business is is anyone’s guess, really. The water didn’t come back on until 6:30 PM–I had to go to the bar to use the bathroom! It was very rude. Wah.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on in my universe. Oh, and also my friend Leila‘s book went on sale on Tuesday! It’s called Mostly Good Girls and it’s HILARIOUS! So, so clever and full of life. If you’re looking for a contemporary story about friendship and prep school, this is the ideal book to pick up. I got my copy last night at the Union Square B&N after dinner with Alex, and because I’m lucky and Leila lives here, it was signed! Although, she works down the hall from me, so probably I could have a signed copy if I wanted, anyway. But still.


Oh, and I read Alex’s new book, and it is awesome. I can’t wait for other people to read it SO I CAN TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT IT FOR GOD’S SAKE!