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Archive for November, 2011

I was here

Posted on November 14th, 2011 by annakjarzab

I’ve been terrible about writing this blog–it’s just that Tumblr is so much easier! There’s not all that agonizing about what to write, you just hit reblog, type up a pithy little comment on whatever LOL cat you happen to be posting, and then go. So simple! (P.S. If you’re looking for me on Tumblr, this is where you should go. I post there, like, five to ten times a day. Also sometimes Twitter. Very rarely Facebook, but Tumblr syndicates there…or it used to, I should probably look into that, or just create an author fan page and abandon the AUT one. There. Done. Sorry it’s lame, I just set it up five seconds ago.)

ANYWAY. What have I been doing in my extended absence from this space? Well, first of all, my best friends got cats:

These two sweethearts are Barney and Marshall, and they belong to Cambria and Nikki. They are j’adorable and I love them, even though Barney’s kind of a jerk and Marshall has crippling social anxiety that makes him hard to snuggle (well, actually, it makes him hard to catch; once you’ve got him, he’s as snuggly as any kitty). It can be sort of hard to tell them apart because, as you can probably see in this picture, they’re practically identical; Marshall is just a little bit bigger, and also if one of them comes up to you, it’s Barney.

This little lady is Lily, and she belongs to Kim. She’s so tiny! Only a few months old. Actually, I think this picture was taken a few weeks ago, so she’s bigger now, but I just met her this weekend for the first time and I can attest that she is still very wee. I could pick her up and toss her around with one hand (The Boys are much bigger, as they’re older). Yes, this means that my best friends have three cats between them that are named for How I Met Your Mother characters. Well, Kim insists Lily was named after Lily Potter, but I like it better my way, except now I guess this means I have to get a cat and name it Ted. Teddy is sort of a sweet name for a cat, don’t you think? I’m not getting a cat, though (don’t worry Mom!). My roommate is allergic and I’m irresponsible.

Hm, what else? Well, I went to London for work and Paris for fun in October, so that was pretty awesome. Other than that, I’ve just been working working working like a maniac, and also trying to get through another draft of Tandem. It’s going okay. I’ve got to rip out a huge chunk of the manuscript to pick up the pace of the first half a little, and while I’m starting to get that, yes, that is the right move, I’m still sort of stressing about where all the material from that section is going to go, because I can’t just delete it wholesale–there’s a lot of important info in there! Sigh. I’m aiming for a January 3 deadline to turn the manuscript back in to Joanna, but we’ll see.

And that brings us up to now. Work is crazy, the holidays are creeping up faster than I would like to acknowledge them (I should really buy a plane ticket to CA), and The Opposite of Hallelujah copy edits loom. Speaking of OoH, I’ve seen a potential cover! Two, actually, but I don’t think the second one is really an option, and I preferred the first one, anyway. I wish I could show it to you, but I have no idea if it’s final yet; suffice it to say that I liked it A LOT and I hope it stays, but I’m also not getting too attached because you never know.

Also, I got new glasses: