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The One With the Awesome Book Available Now Wherever Books Are Sold*

Posted on March 24th, 2010 by annakjarzab

So, remember how I once told you about this completely wonderful fantasy novel, Brightly Woven, written by my completely wonderful friend Alexandra Bracken? OF COURSE YOU DO, because you commit my every blog post to memory. Or you’ve been trolling through the archives, where you stumbled upon this post. Whichever.

Anyway, this post is just to let you know that Brightly Woven came out today! Alex and I had dinner at Old Town Bar to celebrate (I had a turkey burger; it was okay but I’ve had better) and talk publishing and writing, as we are wont to do. But first, we went to the Union Square Barnes & Noble and saw that they had four copies of Brightly Woven. When we left B&N, they had one copy. I bought one, and then each of Alex’s two–TWO!–friends who showed up while we were standing there admiring the New for Teens display each bought one (one of them bought AUT, too, so, you know, she’s my favorite). Rumor has it that her coworkers cleaned out the 5th Ave B&N stock as well. We are a FORCE to be RECKONED WITH, we Alex Bracken fans. 🙂

Anyway, you should totally buy and read Brightly Woven. Look, I read a lot of YA, and too often these days I find that the characters in the stories don’t feel real to me. They’re either too plain and boring for me to connect with them, or they’re too perfect/implausible to be sympathetic. Alex’s characters are not like that. They’re real people, with real flaws and real virtues, and they screw up a lot, but they also have a lot of heart. That’s what I value most in literature, and furthermore that’s what I think literature’s main goal is–to create characters you can believe in.


*I’m in ur computerz, stealin ur blog titlez, Bracken!

Brightly Woven + Interview

Posted on August 22nd, 2009 by annakjarzab

Okay, first off, the lovely folks at Teens Writing for Teens saw fit to interview me, and so of course I took this opportunity to talk shit about creative writing classes. Go ahead and dissent if you must.

Second of all, I got to read Brightly Woven by my friend Alexandra Bracken. JEALOUS?! I know. Alex and I live in the same city, which is awesome and allows us to get to goss about publishing and writing and the whole nine, plus exchange ARCs because we are just that impatient!

Can I tell you how much I hearted Brightly Woven? I have to say, I’ve been raving about Tenner books, and yes, these people are my friends, but also I am critical so when I say I love something I mean it! Brightly Woven is wonderful. I’m not just saying that because Alex is wonderful, which she is. I’m saying it because I truly loved the book, loved every second of reading it, loved North and Syd and the world she created. I’m not a high fantasy person, not going to lie, but when I picked up BW I knew I was going to enjoy each line and I did.

Because you know what? Syd is no wallflower. I love a good, headstrong, stubborn main character who makes decision based on gut instinct. Sometimes they screw up. That’s the best part! Syd is amazing–she is never once unsure of who she is, even when she’s unsure of everything around her. She knows what she wants and has from the beginning. She also has a huge heart and great reserves of sympathy, which is really important, because being headstrong and stubborn is all well and good, but if you don’t use that for good you’re just kind of a jerk.

I know I’ve been kind of MIA recently, and I know I said I was going to try to update more, and I realize I’ve been largely absent from Twitter as well, but a new era is being ushered in–I’m getting an iPhone! Probably. So I can Twitter from ANYWHERE I WANT soon. The tweets won’t stop. I want to blog more, too, but there’s not a whole lot going on with me at the moment. I’m just working and writing. I really need to find a name (or at least an acroynym) for the family drama (which has taken on some mysterious elements, because I JUST CAN’T HELP MYSELF) so I can talk about it without writing a huge sentence like I just did, but basically that book is going well. Almost 150 pgs, and I can tell this book will be smaller than AUT and MB, so that’s probably 2/3 done. GR is stalled, but I figure I’ll go back to it once I’m done with…the family drama with mysterious elements. It’s more of a dramedy, really. Dramedy/romance/coming-of-age/mystery. Shoot me.

Still waiting on an editorial for MB so that I can start revisions on that, and that’s pretty much all the news there is to use on the publishing front. Oh, and I visited the Listening Library offices the other day to drop off my audio contracts, where I met the lovely Rebecca Waugh, who acquired the AUT audio rights. She took me to the audio closet, where they keep all of their extra copies of the audio books, and I got to wander through and pick out a couple. I got Feed by M.T. Anderson and Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You by Peter Cameron, and Rebecca and I had a talk about how I really love YA novels that deal with the issue of spirituality in a smart but not evangelical way. This discussion was sparked by Madeleine L’Engle, whose audio they do.

So I think that’s it for me. Oh, and because I have them up in my browser right now, here are some things that are inspiring me currently. Random, huh? I promise, someday it will all be very clear.