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Starting over (plus a rant, because I just can’t help myself)

Posted on August 29th, 2009 by annakjarzab

It ain’t just a TV show.

(Remember when Starting Over was a TV show? Is that still on? I never watched it.)

As you know if you read my last entry, things on the writing front have been productive, page-wise, but not book-wise. I thought maybe I’d keep on keeping on, change directions/tone/whatever to get the book on track to the end and then revise the crap out of it to make it all blend and fit nicely together into a cohesive whole, but I think I’m too far gone to do that. I decided two days ago on the subway to work that I was probably going to have to start the whole thing over again.

And actually, I’m not freaking out about that. After all, I’ve started a book over before, and it’s being published in January, so it’s not an intrinsically bad thing. For one thing, I think I might have settled upon a name for the book (er, several names; I’m in the process of narrowing it down)!

What’s stopping me from diving into a rewrite is strategy. When I rewrote AUT, I rewrote AUT. Not a tiny shard of the originally book remains. I don’t even think I could locate a copy, digital or otherwise, of AUT version 1 at this point. I didn’t back then, either, which necessitated me starting completey over, plus I had an entirely new plot. This is not the same–I’m going to keep the same general plot, but de-emphasize some elements that I’ve been focusing too much on in an attempt, I realize now, to avoid the real meat of the story, which is of course more difficult to write, and also bring an entirely different series of events to the forefront of the story. There’s a lot of good stuff that I want to keep, but I’m always wary of taking things apart and reassembling them with new material. Bumpiness can be smoothed out in revisions, but still. Maybe I should just write everything anew, I don’t know. If you know me, you know I’m loathe to lose a good joke, so it’ll be hard to let go of some of these scenes.

But, of course, onward and upward and it’s not like those scenes can’t be picked up and molded into the new version if I want them to. Right now I’m focusing on research; I’m going to start reading Slaughterhouse Five, and I’ve been listening to Paddy Casey’s “Saints and Sinners” and Ingrid Michaelson’s “Soldier” over and over.

On an entirely different note, Diana Peterfreund has talked many times about how damaging book piracy is to authors, publishers, and most importantly readers, because if you don’t buy books or check them out from libraries it sends a message to publishers that you don’t want to read them, and I’m pretty frustrated that she keeps having to say this, that it keeps happening to her and lots of other authors, and that it will probably happen to me in no time.

Honestly, this is ridiculous. Yes, I know books are expensive and take up a lot of room–hence the state of my apartment, which is overflowing with books, and my bank account, which is, you know, anemic. I GET IT. Books are a luxury. But for God’s sake, if you want to read them, do the decent thing and buy them, or check them out from the library. That’s what libraries are for! To democratize–actually, socialize–reading. Libraries are free! You can get a (free!) library card in no time at all, and then you can check out as many books as you can possibly read–for FREE! But the cool thing about libraries is that, while it’s free for you, they actually buy books, so publishers stay in business and authors can afford to keep writing the books that you can read, FOR FREE!

Now, I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but also there’s something I’d like to talk about that is tangentially related–selling ARCs on eBay. Working in publishing, and being a writer myself, this is something that really frustrates me. ARCs are NOT for sale; they are very expensive for the publisher to print, but they do it for publicity purposes, so that booksellers and reviewers and journalists can read the book in advance to prepare for when the book is sold to the public. If you get an ARC of a book, it’s because you are one of the lucky people who gets to read the book early. The last thing anyone should be doing is SELLING an ARC, because they say right on the cover that they are NOT FOR SALE and it is ILLEGAL.

I know some authors who get excited when their ARC is being sold on eBay, because it proves to them how much some people want to read the book, but honestly they should be upset. Because however much money that ARC goes for, it doesn’t matter–it’s not going to the author, and it’s not going to the publisher. It’s going to the seller, someone who got it for free in good faith. Some people might say that it’s the same as selling used books, that that money isn’t going to the publisher or author, either, but it’s actually not the same, because selling a used book is legal and selling an ARC is not. Also, somewhere along the line that used book was bought new, and that money did go to the publisher and author (well, maybe the author, but definitely the publisher). ARCs were never purchased, and they cost so much money to produce.

So please, don’t sell or buy ARCs. Get them from the publisher, lend them to your friends, read them, love them, pass them around, but please, for the love, don’t sell them. And don’t buy them. And don’t download pirated books. Rant over.

A note on ARC requests

Posted on July 28th, 2009 by annakjarzab

I’ve been getting a lot of ARC requests, so I thought I would post a little note here for anyone interested in getting one. It comes in a couple of parts:

  1. I have no more ARCs left. I know, right?! Sucks. But I only got a handful, so it’s logical I might run out. This doesn’t mean that there is no chance of getting one, however. It just means:
  2. We’re going to have to ask Random House. They’re the ARC keepers as of right now, and it will probably stay that way. If you have a contact at RHCB, you might give that a shot. If not, I have no problem asking Random House for you, but I’m going to need a few things. So:
  3. When you email me to request an ARC, include your real name, your blog address, and a mailing address. That way I don’t have to bug you for it. But here’s the thing:
  4. Right now, it doesn’t look like RH is actually sending out ARCs. They seem to be waiting to send out finished copies later this year. I know they are saving some for upcoming conferences, too. This doesn’t mean that all is lost! I will continue to send on reviewer information to the publicity department, and when I’m assigned a publicist (should happen in a month or two, I think) we’ll revisit this. I think sending ARCs out to bloggers who have shown great interest–and you guys have! and I’m thrilled and also nervous but mostly thrilled and flattered and I want you to have them!–is SO important, both for the momentum of a book’s word-of-mouth and also to reward the advocacy that bloggers do on authors’ behalves. So believe me, I want reviewers to have them.
  5. This doesn’t mean that all requests will be filled. I’m sure you guys understand. Even a publisher’s supply of books–especially ARCs–is limited.

This, as it stands, is my ARC policy. I’m happy to pass any requests on to my publisher, but after that, at least for the time being, it’s out of my hands. However, I will be receiving many more finished copies of AUT than ARCs, and I’m going to set aside a certain number of those–don’t know how many it will be yet–for reviewers. I’ll let you know when to check in with me about that.

Thanks for understanding, everybody.


Posted on June 25th, 2009 by annakjarzab

I promised you an ARC giveaway, and though perhaps a week of silence doesn’t qualify as “very soon”, I’m here to announce the Very! First! All Unquiet Things! Giveaway! SPECTACULAR!


Wow, I made that sound way more exciting than it is.

Okay, so here’s the catch: the giveaway is not here! It’s over at The A-Team, because Joanna and I need material and you might have some questions for us, so ask them and you’ll be entered in the giveaway. It really is that simple. You can ask a question of Joanna (my agent, for anyone who’s new), me, or both of us, and then we’ll answer them on The A-Team until we run out.

All the details are over at the official giveaway post (let me be clear about this: comments posted on this post, while appreciated and awesome, ARE NOT ELLIGIBLE; if you have a Q, you’ve got to ask it over here). Multiple Qs=multiple entries, because we’ll be giving the ARC away to the best one (as judged by us, obvs). Questions with spoilery answers will be answered after the book comes out, under a cut, but all of the questions will be answered eventually on the blog (at our discretion, of course).

The contest will last for a week, and the winner will be announced on Friday, July 3rd.

Don’t delay, ask away!*

Oh, and also, if you wanted to, um, tell people about this (perhaps on your blog, on Twitter, etc.) and get them excited about it, I’d be most grateful. Not required! But definitely encouraged.


*Oh, yeah, I went there. I went to the rhyming place. Sorry.

ARC party!

Posted on June 19th, 2009 by annakjarzab

ARC party (n.) – The party one throws oneself when one’s Advanced Reader Copies arrive. Involves dorky dancing and photo taking and massive smiles. Varies by author.

Look what I got in the mail today!


Okay, granted, I took this picture with my friend’s point-and-shoot camera in not-so-great lighting, so it’s a little washed out, but in real life they are the most gorgeous creatures I have ever beheld (am I being melodramatic enough about this yet?).

Many have asked me what I plan to do with these ARCs. Well, I plan to keep one. I plan to send one home with my dad next week (he’ll be in town for a business meeting and is taking me out to dinner, w00t!) for my family to have. I plan to send one circulating amongst the Tenners, because that’s how we do. One has been handed over to the wonderful people in my office, some of whom read the book in (a now outdated) manuscript, but most of whom didn’t and still want to. That leaves three. Three beeeeeeeeautiful ARCs.

Which means at least one of them will be given away. RIGHT ON THIS VERY SITE YOU ARE NOW VISITING (or maybe you’re reading this post in Google Reader, I know that’s a possibility). That day is not today, but it will be very, very soon, I promise. Let me repeat: this is not a giveaway post. Howevs. I won’t do one of those very complicated, requires-advanced-calculus-type giveaways where you get one point for this and forty-seven points for that, et cetera. Because I hear judging those is a very lengthy process and frankly I’m awful at math. So I have to come up with something easier. I will do that as soon as possible.

The ARCs are getting a lot of my attention right now, but actually I got some other stuff in the package also. I got two jacket flaps, for instance.


Click the pic to expand.

They are GORGEOUS. The ARCs are not shiny, but the cover will be matte gloss, which is new terminology for me, but basically it means glossy in some parts and not in others (Cyn Balog‘s debut, FAIRY TALE, which comes out next week, is a good example of a matte gloss cover–the wings are glossy but the black background is not–and is actually the one my editor used to demonstrate to me what that means, because Cyn’s another Delacorte author and she had a copy on hand). The photo on the finished copies of AUT will be glossy.

And as you can see, they carried my favorite squiggly brackets over onto the spine. Love that. The jacket also tells me who took the photo (a very talented woman named Eva Kolenko) and who created the design (a very talented Random House cover designer named Angela Carlino). Thank you so much, ladies, for this cover! I’m really lucky.

I also got a copy of the RHCB spring 2010 catalog. AUT has its own page, which may or may not contain the sentence “A dark, atmospheric thriller that’s an unputdownable debut.” I don’t know, maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t.