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Shopaholic goes to Old Navy

Posted on September 10th, 2010 by annakjarzab

OMG, you guys, something is WRONG with me. I have been bitten by the shopping bug, badly. I have to tell you, I hardly ever buy new things. Clothes, eh. I don’t care much about them. There are things in my closet–things I still wear on occasion–that I bought freshman year of college. And it pains me to say this, but I was a freshman in college in 2001. 2001 you guys! I have a sweater that I STILL WEAR from 2001 in my closet right now! Why is that a thing?

Anyway, every season I buy something to refresh my wardrobe. This summer it was two summer cardigans from the Gap in gray and black, and a couple of t-shirts that were on sale at the Gap and J. Crew. That’s basically it. I don’t shop. I don’t go shopping. I’m simply too lazy and not vain enough to care what I look like most of the time. I mean, all of my work trousers have dropped hems. Why haven’t I had this fixed? Laziness. Pure laziness.

And yet, I love the fashion blogs! I love it when people like Jessica of What I Wore post about their daily outfits. People wear outfits daily, you guys! I wear an “outfit” maybe four times a year. I’ve always been a fan of designer bags, and the occasional pair of designer shoes and sunglasses, but I’ve owned the same pair of Ralph Lauren sunglasses for five years, and the same Skaagen watch for five years (which currently doesn’t work because the battery needs replacing–see? LAZINESS). They were “expensive” when I bought them (little did I know JUST HOW EXPENSIVE things like sunglasses and watches can be), and I considered them investments and haven’t replaced them since. I seriously have only had one pair of sunglasses in the last five years, if you don’t count the totally awesome but completely too cool for me plastic aviator sunglasses from the seventies I took from my grandmother’s house that used to belong to my grandfather. I wear them every once in a while, even though everyone I know has told me how stupid I look, as a tribute to him. But otherwise, one pair of sunglasses. Because they were an INVESTMENT.

I feel like I’m going off on a tangent here. Suffice it to say, I don’t shop. And when I do shop, I don’t buy things that are in any way a risk. Like, I don’t normally buy costume jewelry from Target, even, because when I do I wimp out on wearing it because I don’t think I’m cool enough to pull it off, and then it just sits on my dresser for years until I finally just toss it so I don’t have to feel guilty for having bought it and not worn it.

But recently, I was in a B&N and I happened to open a copy of Nina Garcia’s The One Hundred. Listen, people: much as I love Nina Garcia, I recommend you do not look at this book, because if you do, you are going to immediately have this little voice in your head that says, “YOU MUST OWN ALL OF THESE THINGS.” Because that’s what happened to me. I now am fully convinced I need everything on the list except the few things I’ve nixed: Ankle Bootie (too ugly), Stilettos (too tall), Bikini (too old), BlackBerry (got an iPhone), Caftan (don’t really know what that is), Push Up Bra (do not need help in that area), and Underwear (just kidding!). Otherwise, I NEED IT ALL. I was explaining this to Emilie today and she was like, “You’re such a slave to marketing, it’s insane.” SO TRUE!

So I’ve of course gone on a shopping spree. Let me show you some of the things I got!

sailorshirtStriped boat neck tee from Old Navy (Nina Garcia’s One Hundred #83: Striped Sailor Shirt)

cardiganButton-front rosette cardigan from Old Navy

[Pretend there’s a picture and link to another shirt I bought at Old Navy that appears not to exist on their website. It was navy blue and it’s sort of a tank and it’s got some ruffles. I wore it to work yesterday.]

minnet82Thunderbird suede boat-sole from Minnetonka Moccasins (Nina Garcia One Hundred #55: Minnetonka Moccasins)

sandalElvera demi-wedge sandals by Merona at Target


Mossimo moto jacket in tan at Target

medDouble link bracelet by Privileged at Gilt

It’s the faux leather motorcycle jacket that’s really boggling my mind here. Why the heck did I feel the need to buy that? I had a perfectly reasonable Anna-purchase in my Target bascket–a nice twill trench (Nina Garcia One Hundred #86: Trench coat) that I’ll probably end up buying after the motorcycle jacket arrives and inevitably doesn’t fit and looks awful–and yet I veered left and bought that instead. I’m a stranger to myself. I keep telling myself that I never buy myself anything, I deserve it, it’s been a difficult year, I just finished a book, I work hard, yadda yadda yadda, with the kicker being that none of these things was particularly expensive on its own, even that damn bracelet because it was on super sale at Gilt (oh, by the way, I belong to Gilt, Swirl, and Rue La La now…pity my bank account, pity it!). But still. This stuff adds up, as I know, and I still have an overpriced apartment to pay for each month! And I want more things! I AM NOT DONE YOU GUYS. Because every time I open my closet or a drawer, I realize just how old and raggedy all of my shoes and clothes are. Seriously, you should see the state of my shoes. They’re beaten up and worn out and have been rained and snowed and sleeted on and baked by the sun and scuffed and shredded to pieces by all the blocks I’ve walked in this damn city, plus they’re all from Payless or 100 years old and in need of replacing. Maybe it’s the nesting feeling that comes with the season change, I don’t know.

At least I actually needed those sandals to wear with a dress to my bro’s best friend’s wedding in late September. Those felt justifiable (and they were dirt cheap). Now I can throw away the two pairs of “cute dress up shoes” that I hate and hurt my feet and I never wear. Unless these turn out to be fug, in which case, I just have to start over.

On the other hand, though, I feel decidedly too cute today. I’m wearing that sailor shirt with a long beaded necklace that’s got a gold/brown/amber theme going on, but I’m wearing it knotted so it hangs nicely, with small gold hoops, a new pair of jeans (Old Navy, of course) and my Minnetonkas, which I’m happy to say were a terrific purchase. They are comfortable and adorable. I was worried about not being cool enough for the beading, but I think I’m working it out. And you know what? Feeling like I look cute actually gives me a little confidence boost. So THIS is what Stacy and Clinton have been talking about all these years! Hm.