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Ten Rules

Posted on May 17th, 2010 by annakjarzab

If you’re a Wheaton Warrenville South student looking for my 10 rules for writing, you can find them here. Even if you’re not a Wheaton Warrenville South student, you can still find them there. Democracy! or whatever.

Here’s a cute picture of a beagle:


Stop the presses!

Posted on May 5th, 2010 by annakjarzab

Okay, so two things. First of all, I want a dog hella bad, mostly because hello, dogs are the best things. In order to stop me from going out and buying a miniature beagle this instant, I keep telling myself that I can get a miniature beagle when I’m thirty (I assume that by this time I’ll have my shit together, which means my own apartment, but maybe not! If so, Eesha, guess what’s coming home with me January 13, 2014!), and I will name her Scully, after Dana Scully OBVS, and dudes, by the way, miniature beagles exist, totes magotes. It’s going to take me that long just to save up the $$ for a miniature beagle, because, you guys, genetically modified animals are SO EXPENSIVE THESE DAYS (what is up with the economy amirite?), and also it will take me four years to figure out how to square with the fact that they are creating miniature versions of regular normal animals just because they’re cuter.

Also, do you read Videogum? If you don’t, you’re ridiculous. Wait a second, these thoughts are related!

Because, you see, Videogum has a new mascot–editor Gabe Delahaye’s new…Shiba Inu? I’m bad with breeds. Whatever, her name is Birdie and she is adorbs-town! Observe. Erin mentioned that the Hanson video brought her spirits up after a tough day–imagine what Birdie can do. Bookmarking it!