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I’m going to need a better name…

Posted on May 20th, 2009 by annakjarzab


Booyah! THAT is me as a superhero. WANNA MESS? You do? Well, um, you see, I have this hangnail and pretty sure it’s ungentlemanlike to kick a lady while she’s down, so…

I see why you might not be afraid of me, as my weapon is a bag full of groceries (that’s really the only option that’s even remotely plausible for me) and my name is General Kind Philanthropist. Is there a wussier superhero name than General Kind Philanthropist? I super doubt it! (See what I did there? Obviously I can cross “Become comic genius” off my bucket list.)

Anyway, you can make your own at The Hero Factory, and then enter Diana Peterfreund‘s contest to win a copy of Sarah CrossDull Boy, a novel about Avery, a teenage superhero, who has to keep his powers on the DL to keep himself from becoming a lab specimen.