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  • I read a lot, and I have a lot of opinions, so I can't believe I haven't made a list like this before. If you are even a little bit like me or you want to get a peek into my psyche (you probs don't), these are the books to read.

A Note From Anna

Welcome! One assumes you didn’t reach this page by accident, that you kind of already know what you’re getting into, but if not let me quickly explain: my name is Anna Jarzab and this is my website. I’m a young adult author and my first novel, a mystery set in Northern California called All Unquiet Things, is available from Delacorte, an imprint of Random House. My second novel, The Opposite of Hallelujah, is also now available! My third novel, Tandem, which is the first in a trilogy, came out in fall 2013. The sequel, Tether, will be out in the spring of 2015.

If you’re interested in learning more about my books, click here. If you’re wondering just who the heck I am or how I pronounce my weird last name, click here. If you’re thinking, “How come so many dolls?”, click here. If you’re like, “This girl seems really fun and interesting and to tide me over until I can get to the store to buy one of her books I’d like to read her thoughts about writing and toilet paper and Twilight“, well then have I got the blog for you! To be honest, though, I mostly blog on Tumblr now.

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